A brand writes history

Rotbäckchen is one of the few brands that has stayed the same for decades - a seal of quality for good health. We are proud to continue the tradition and successfully carry a valuable product from the past into the future.

Discover Rotbäckchen through the ages.

1952 – Rotbäckchen sees the light of day

To counteract the pale cheeks of children in the post-war period, brothers Walter and Günther Lauffs develop the healthy Rotbäckchen Juice; Germany’s first juice to supply optimal vitamins and minerals.


1955 – The first posters

The first posters reach the hearts of Germany. In addition to delicious juice, the Lauffs family, its founder, lovingly produced advertisements featuring their own grandchildren – advertising from the heart.


1965 – Awareness increases

Rotbäckchen is known throughout Germany with 85% of the population who recognize and love the brand. Not only because Rotbäckchen is special, but also because of successful TV commercials that increased Rotbäckchen’s popularity immensely.

1975 – From generation to generation

Rotbäckchen has passed on to the second generation – true to its motto, “passing on the very best”. After more than 20 years, Rotbäckchen is more popular and well-known than ever.

1980 - Rotbäckchen becomes an adult

In creating Rotbäckchen juice, the founding family already demonstrated their pioneering spirit and has kept up with the times. Little by little, the Rotbäckchen logo carefully adapted to modernity.

2002 – Happy Birthday

Half a century of history was celebrated when the famous brand had its birthday. Rotbäckchen Original, with its magical formula, reached its 50th birthday.

2008 - Rotbäckchen on the road

The Rotbäckchen theatre “A Cook for the King” introduces children to healthy eating. It even received the “Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas” award in the category “Art and Culture”.

2010 - Back on tv

True to its motto, “passing on the very best”, Rotbäckchen was back on television. Rotbäckchen is still passed from generation to generation, as it always has been.

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2012 - A brand that inspires

In 2012, Rotbäckchen receives the brand awards, “Organic Brand of the Year” and “Fruit Juice Brand of the Year”. We are even more proud of the brand’s 60th anniversary and recognition from our customers, who have loved and appreciated Rotbäckchen for so long.

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2013 - For all situations

Rotbäckchen Mama Iron + is the first product for expectant and nursing mothers to launch on the market. A new, appealing print campaign now shows the versatile Rotbäckchen range in everyday family life.


2014 – Rotbäckchen for every day

The Rotbäckchen range is expanded to include their delicious direct juice. In the meantime, their assortment included four formulas designed to support families with vitamins and minerals – all with the best Rotbäckchen, of course.


2015 – Why not a little more?

To provide the body with an optimum supply of nutrients, it sometimes needs an extra portion of vitamins and minerals. This is why Rotbäckchen launched its first food supplements based on high-quality, direct juices.

Between tradition and innovation

2016 - Rotbäckchen goes online

To expand its presence, Rotbäckchen goes online by launching its first website. A Facebook page quickly follows for a direct communication with customers, and later a YouTube channel and Instagram account.

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2017 - More new Rotbäckchen

On Rotbäckchen’s 65th birthday, our photo box travelled Germany. Everyone got their own personal Rotbäckchen label with their name and image printed on it - fun for young and old alike.

2018 - Fan merchandise

For all Rotbäckchen’s fans, there is now something very special: a tin can with an exclusive retro look. It’s a great gift for all ages! You can find this and more exclusive merchandise in our fan shop!


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Our quality

Since time immemorial, Rotbäckchen’s magical formula has been a fruit juice of the highest, natural quality.

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Everyday family life is impossible to imagine without delicious products from Rotbäckchen.

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Starting the day healthy with Rotbäckchen

Mama Iron +

Designed to meet the additional need for iron during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Mama Iron +

Designed to meet the additional need for iron during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Mama Nursing Juice

Key vitamins and minerals are crafted into a delicious combination of breastfeeding tea and fruit juices.

Stillsaft von Rotbäckchen
Stillsaft von Rotbäckchen

Mama Nursing Juice

Key vitamins and minerals are crafted into a delicious combination of breastfeeding tea and fruit juices.

Rotbäckchen Geschenkedition

Zeige deiner Familie und deinen Freunden, was du für sie fühlst - mit unseren Rotbäckchen Geschenkeditionen, die aus folgenden drei Säften bestehen:

  • Das Original: mit Eisen und Vitamin C
  • Immunstark: mit Vitamin C und Zink
  • Morgenstark: mit Provitamin A und 10 weiteren Vitaminen

Rotbäckchen Original

Our original from 1952 - enriched with iron, it is known for its contribution to blood formation.

Vital Eisen Formel

Unterstützt gezielt die Blutbildung mit dem Spurenelement Eisen und enthält zusätzlich wertvolle Vitamine.

Vital Energie Formel

Trägt mit hochdosiertem Vitamin B12 zum Energiestoffwechsel unseres Körpers bei und enthält wichtige Eiweißbausteine.

Vital Energy Formula

supports the body’s energy metabolism with high-dose vitamin B12 and contains important protein elements.

Vital Immun Formel

Unterstützt gezielt das Immunsystem mit gut verfügbarer Vitamin- und Mineralformel.

Vital Immune Formula

Systematically supports the immune system with a readily available vitamin and mineral formula.

Vital Iron Formula

Systematically supports blood formation with the trace element iron; also contains valuable vitamins.

Vital Throat Comfort

Includes ribwort, mallow and fennel blossom honey as well as a vitamin formula consisting of niacin, vitamin B2 and biotin.

Vital Vitamin D

Mit dem Sonnen-Vitamin D zur Unterstützung des Immunsystems und zur Erhaltung der Knochen.

Vital Vitamin D

Includes the “sunshine vitamin D” to support the immune system and preserve normal bones.