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Since 1952, Rotbäckchen has stood for fruit juice of the highest quality and naturalness with its magical formula - and it's hard to imagine everyday family life without these delicious juices.

In addition to the well-proven direct juices, our range also includes high-quality food supplements as well as products specially designed for the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Of course, every single one of these products is a premium product of top quality.

Pure juices

Our healthy juices use a magical formula – made from the best, carefully selected ingredients that are processed as naturally as possible. Supplemented with valuable vitamins and minerals, they are perfect for the whole family.

Our delicious pure juices

Pregnancy vitamins

Only the best! Based on high-quality pure juices, our Mama products ensure an optimal supply of vitamins and minerals during pregnancy and breastfeeding – plus they taste delicious.

Our Mama products

Food supplements

Small but powerful – based on natural ingredients, our food supplements support the body with daily portions of valuable vitamins and minerals. We achieve a great, natural taste without unnecessary additives.

Our Vital products

Juice shots

Rotbäckchen power packs are vitamins and minerals in pocket format. Designed to fit in every pocket, they provide you and your family with important nutrients at any time as “juice to go”. Our power packs are so delicious that the whole family will enjoy them. Pass on the very best to yourself and your family every day.

Our Juice shots