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It is no coincidence that Rotbäckchen has stood for fruit juice of the highest quality since the brand was founded in 1952. The secret of the magic formula has always been the balanced composition of the various ingredients. But it takes more than that to make a top-quality product: strict quality guidelines and a special manufacturing process make our products unique. We are proud that we still maintain the high standards of yesteryear and carry them into the future. For us, high quality standards go hand in hand with a responsible approach to people and nature.

Table of Contents:

Cultivation and harvest 

Only the very best ingredients are used for our delicious Rotbäckchen juices and processed with love and care. In addition to the naturalness of the fruit, sustainable contract farming is important to us. We rely on long-term supplier relationships in order to be able to ensure the implementation of our quality standards. We prefer to work with contract growers, orchard associations and initiatives from the region in order to keep the supply chains short.

Quality inspection

After harvesting, the selected fruits are first carefully tested: from the degree of ripeness to colour, taste, aroma, fructose and acid content to nutrient content. While we are able to carry out many tests in our own state-of-the-art testing laboratory, we work with accredited and certified external partners on more specialised issues. In doing so, we apply strict quality guidelines that help us to bring only the best ingredients into the bottle.

Juice production 

After all the important quality characteristics of the fruits have been checked, they are processed into juice with much love and care. The ingredients are washed and crushed in our own press house to produce a kind of fruit pulp. Afterwards, the crushed fruits are pressed into a pure direct juice. Depending on the recipe of the product, the direct juices are then mixed with fruit pulp and other ingredients to create a delicious end product and filled into the bottle.

In order to preserve our juice, we use a special, gentle heating process. The heat acting on the product is kept as low as possible. This particularly gentle technique means that our products not only have a shelf life until the specified date, but also retain their colour, taste and aroma as well as valuable vitamins and minerals to the greatest possible extent.

Did you already know?

Due to our high quality standards, we produce all our fruit juices without concentrates. While juices made from fruit juice concentrate are separated into their individual components - water, flavouring and concentrate - after pressing and later combined again into a standardised product, we bottle the fruit after pressing without any major detours. 

As a result, the taste of our juices and food supplements may vary somewhat from production to production due to differences in raw materials and harvesting - a direct juice is simply pure nature. This can be compared to eating two apples, which taste differently sour or sweet depending on the variety and harvest year. Like an apple, each of our products is full of flavour, valuable ingredients and is truly unique.


In order to maintain the quality of our high-quality products for a long time, our juices are almost exclusively filled in amber glass bottles. The amber glass provides the best possible protection for our juices and food supplements and the nutrients they contain from critical UV light during transport and the time they are on the store shelf. This is important because many vitamins, especially those of the vitamin B complex, react very sensitively to UV light. Without the effective light protection of the amber glass bottle, the vitamins break down more quickly. By comparison, a white glass bottle is 40 to 90 percent permeable to UV light and the short-wave visible light. Therefore, white glass bottles are out of the question for us and our products.

This way, you and your family can enjoy our delicious juices and food supplements for as long as possible. This is quality you can taste, and it is passed on from generation to generation, then as now. In everything we do, however, it is not only high quality that is important to us. We also focus on sustainability. You can find out more about this here in our article on the topic of sustainability.

Quality you can taste!

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