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The best for people and nature

Responsibility & sustainable business practices

Passing on the best is our goal and our aspiration, based on tradition. For us, this sentence is a daily companion. There is much more to these three words than the use of carefully selected ingredients and strict quality guidelines. They mean love of detail and responsibility for our environment - for generations. Not only because the naturalness of our ingredients plays an important role for us, a responsible approach to nature and our fellow human beings is important to us. We work to ensure that we can pass on our environment to future generations with a clear conscience.

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We make a small contribution every day

Promoting organic and regional cultivation

  • We have been promoting organic contract farming since 1969. When selecting our suppliers and growers, we pay attention not only to their quality status but also to compliance with social and sustainable aspects. 

  • We rely on long-term supplier relationships with contractual partners, among other things to be able to ensure the implementation of our high quality standards. 

  • We work closely with contract growers, orchard associations and initiatives in the region to keep supply chains short.

Species and landscape conservation

  • We support our cultivation partners by donating trees and providing harvesting equipment. 
  • Through our commitment to the preservation of regional orchards, we make an important contribution to the conservation of our environment. 
  • We have set up several collection points to accept regional apples and to promote orchard meadows. In addition to regional farmers and orchard associations, private individuals can also hand in their apples.
  • We work together with nature conservation associations (e.g. NABU) to preserve orchard meadows and insect diversity. 
  • Since 2020, we have been actively involved in the Rhine Clean Up campaign together with our employees. With this campaign, we can do our part to free the banks of the Rhine from waste and raise awareness for mindful waste disposal and avoidance.
Fliegendes Bienchen
Fliegendes Bienchen

Sustainable packaging

  • We use the most sustainable materials possible for the filling and packaging of our products. At the same time, we also try to keep the use of materials as low as possible and to reduce transport emissions. 
  • We traditionally fill our products in brown glass bottles and deliberately avoid filling them in PET bottles. 
  • For our labels and cardboard packaging, we only use paper from FSC-certified* forests as well as recycled material and material from controlled sources.

Responsible in dealing with our employees

  • Our daily actions are guided by guidelines for appreciative cooperation that our employees have developed themselves. 
  • We are proud that some employees have been with the company for 40 years or even longer. 
  • Attractive management positions are filled equally at all levels in our company.
  • With flexible working and parental leave models, we try to facilitate individual commitments.
  • We attach great importance to the personal and professional development of our employees and support them with a wide range of training and further education opportunities.

Reduction of emissions

  • We work consistently to use raw materials as sparingly as possible and to reduce emissions with the help of new technologies and investments in modern facilities.
  • We are constantly working to avoid and reduce waste and increase our recycling rate.
  • We cover 100% of our electricity needs at the production site with green electricity.

*FSC (Forest Steward Council): international certification system for more sustainable forest management.

Sustainable enjoyment with Rotbäckchen

Rotbäckchen Original

Our original from 1952 - enriched with iron, it is known for its contribution to blood formation.