Two sips for super strength!

Our extra small juices with extra big effect. 

Our juice shots

Rotbäckchen power packs are vitamins and minerals in pocket format. Designed to fit in every pocket, they provide you and your family with important nutrients at any time as “juice to go”.

Juice shots rightly enjoy a reputation as trendy drinks, as they provide you and your loved ones with valuable nutrients quickly and systematically on the daily. When school, sports, chores and work leave you no time to stand at the juicer and squeeze ingredients, Rotbäckchen power packs are the perfect alternative to home-made fruit shots: containing the very best natural ingredients, enriched with valuable vitamins and minerals, vegan and of course made with love and care. Our power packs are so delicious that the whole family will enjoy them. Pass on the very best to yourself and your family every day.

Fliegendes Bienchen

Power-pack Immune Protection

  • Vitamin C
  • Zink

Two sips with vitamin C and zinc for a strong immune system.

Power-pack Concentration

  • Eisen
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin C

Two sips with the trace element iron, niacin and vitamin C.

Power-pack Vitamin Kick

  • 12 Vitamine

Two sips with 12 vitamins

Flatternder Schmetterling